Loch Sport, Victoria

Town:  Loch Sport, Victoria

Location: 263 kilometres east of Melbourne situated on 90-mile beach – a narrow strip of land between Lake Victoria and Bass Strait ocean. The Village is known for its fishing and recreational water sports and swells to 7,000 people during peak summer holiday periods.

Population: 814

Client: Gippsland Water

Council: Shire of Wellington

Year: 2013

Scope: Design and construction of a pressure sewer system

Environmental Factors: Loch Sport has state and federal environmental protection laws for the waterways and adjacent Lakes National Park. Potential acid sulphate soil was a risk for the project along with a critically endangered native orchid. No potable water was available within the village and the scheme was to operate without a water supply.

PSSA Solution: Using trenchless technology and recycling the excavated material for another purpose, the design and installation of the entire system was completed in record time with zero environmental issues.

Environmental Outcomes: Zero harm to the state and federally protected vegetation, removal of onsite septic system disposal to the local sensitive environment thus reducing stagnate water pooling and a decline in mosquito activity. Elimination of septic effluent entering the lake system due to seasonal population growth. This project removed 29.6 million litres of septic and greywater discharge from the environment per annum.