Tooradin, Victoria

Town:  Tooradin, Victoria

Location: 57 kilometres south east of Melbourne, situated on the north end of Westernport Bay

Population: 1,568

Client: South East Water Limited

Council: City of Casey

Year: 2001

Scope: Installation of Pressure Sewer Units and Plumbing Connections to homes within the Village of Tooradin.

Environmental Factors: The area is low lying and abuts the Tooradin inlet drain and Sawtell’s inlet to Westernport Bay. The ground conditions were sand, peat and heavy clay which prevented the onsite septic systems from functioning correctly.

PSSA Solution: The project involved the installation of Pressure Sewer Pump Units and Plumbing Connections to private dwellings and commercial properties including a Supermarket, Butcher Shop, Take Away Food Shops, Bakery, Hotel/Sports club and the local Primary School. An existing high ground water table made installation of some Pressure Sewer Units difficult including a 3 metre Pump Station. On completion of the Backlog Sewer Project, new land was released for subdivision which resulted in new connections to the system.

Environmental Outcomes: Post completion of the sewer scheme saw the inlet and associated water front improve along with street drainage systems being dryer and cleaner. Odour was reduced around the village from the removal of the onsite septic systems as well as a decline in mosquitos due to stagnate water no longer pooling. This project removed 33.5 million litres of septic and greywater discharge to the environment per annum.

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