Glenmaggie & Coongulla, Victoria

Town:  Glenmaggie & Coongulla, Victoria

Location: 160 kilometres from Melbourne and is situated on the banks of Lake Glenmaggie which is an irrigation dam holding 132,000 megalitres for irrigation of 360 sq. kilometres of farming in central Gippsland.

Population: 460

Client: Gippsland Water

Council: Shire of Wellington

Year: 2013

Scope: Design and construction of pressure sewer onsite systems for the existing residential homes.

Environmental Factors: Glenmaggie and Coongulla sit around the western and northern end of the lake which is fed from the Macalister River and Glenmaggie Creek catchments. Prior to the sewerage project the Lake was seeing blue green algae associated with septic system run off. The soil conditions were hard pack clay, shale, river rock deposits and bed rock. Due to the soil profile the septic systems were not able to function and control run off adequately.

PSSA Solution: Design and install pressure sewer into each property including trenchless technology to reach pump wells in rear yards with very limited access.

Environmental Outcomes: Project completion saw zero septic effluent entering the lake catchment along with local open road drains free from greywater discharges. This project removed 11.3 million litres of septic and greywater discharge from the environment per annum.