Apia Park, Faatoia, Vaivase Tai, Western Samoa

Town:  Apia Park, Faatoia, Vaivase Tai, Western Samoa

Location: 4331 kilometres from Sydney situated in the Pacific Ocean

Population: 37,391

Client: Samoa Water Authority

Council: N/A

Year: 2016

Scope: Trenchless technology for Non-Revenue Water recovery

Environmental Factors: Non-revenue water loss within the catchment.  There were disputes with local village elders in relation to land requirements for pipe work, taro & coconut plantations to be considered, high ground water and existing hard stand road infrastructure.

PSSA Solution: Provide trenchless pipe line installation. We worked with Samoa Water staff in order to provide additional personal development and training on the process of trenchless pipe installation and electrofusion welding.

Environmental Outcomes: Complete satisfaction of the village elders that their community was left untouched and that the pipe line was installed without disruption to their daily activities. During the reconnection works many non-metered services were discovered and reconnected with meters.