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Main Isolation Valves


  • Clock Close Action
  • Meets AS Standards for Sewer Application
  • Valve Complete with-
    • PE Stub Flange
    • S\Steel Backing Ring
    • S\Steel Bolts & Nuts
    • Full Rubber Gasket Insert

Valve Covers


  • Heavy & Light Duty Loadings

Boundary Isolation Valves


  • Anti-slip top
  • Custom name insert in lid
  • Flush surface mount
  • Full S/Steel
  • PE weld on stubs
  • Lockable ball valve
  • Serviceable check valve

Flushing Valves


  • Stainless steel lockable ball valve
  • 50mm cam lock outlet
  • Available in concrete or steel lid
  • Deep box to contain spill
  • Galvanized steel lid

Main Marker Posts


  • Option of two types:
    • Green no reflector
    • White with black top and reflectors
  • Mulipurpose locations throughout main
  • Custom made ID labels on post including:
    • Type pipeline
    • Company logo
    • Dial before you dig info
    • Direction marker

PCP Remote Post & Conduits


  • Available in gal coating or colour coded to suit environment or pump control panel
  • Supplied with cable gland to suit pump cable and saddles for mounting
  • Available in straight or bent configurations